Bodiam can supply the following quality products:

Bale & Pack Sizes

Bodiam offers customers the largest range of bale sizes in Australia including but not limited to;


Other bale sizes for improved handling and automated feed ration operations are also available.

Your bale size selection can be pressed into 400kg or 600kg packs, with a range of compositions to choose from. Bodiam also offers plastic-wrap around the packed product, or it can remain unitised (uncovered).

Click here to view Bale Pack Size Diagrams

Branding & Toll Pressing

Bodiam offers customers a number of branding and labeling options including tailored customer branding for specific marketing requirements.

Bodiam can also offer ‘toll pressing’ in some circumstances where the customer’s own product can be processed and shipped under contract.

Shipping Process

Bodiam ships in standard ISO 40 foot containers with the product packaged in pallet compatible units.

All shipping logistics – from factory to ship – are managed by Bodiam on behalf of their customers.

Major market users include

Dairy Cattle

Feed lot Beef Cattle