In Transit

While the transportation of product from paddock to storage sheds is largely the responsibility of the grower, it is still a part of Bodiams Quality Assurance concern.

Growers and truck drivers are educated about safe load stacking and strapping, which, while meeting Occupational Health and Safety and Western Australian Main Roads requirements, also protects the integrity of the bales for ease of handling. All involved are also well versed on fodders ability to absorb moisture and odours, thus loads under transportation are protected accordingly.

Transit Quality Assurance procedures directly performed by Bodiam staff include:

Visual Check

When a load of product arrives at the weighbridge it is visually assessed for the following:

  • Correct identification tag
  • Colour/staining
  • Weeds
  • Animal matter

Anything found to be contaminated or incorrectly tagged is not suitable for export.

Moisture Testing

All bales are tested for moisture levels upon arrival, using calibrated meters. Bales not meeting the
industry standard of <13% are not suitable for export.

Major market users include

Dairy Cattle

Feed lot Beef Cattle